Composer | Sound Artist



Cubicle Music (2017)

The tiniest little movement could sometimes express more than anything else. In this work, micro-activities of the performer's eyes and faces are captured through a webcam, transforming and exploring the sound produced by creating controlled feedback from the laptop's internal speaker and mic. The visual data from the webcam is projected onto a big screen to amplify its activity. This setup leads to a performance of someone working in a cubicle. The performance is partly structured and partly improvised.

Full performance in WESA 2017, Seoul, South Korea:


Kultur Antarmuka (2017)

Kultur Antarmuka is a work for string quartet, written in a longing for a sound memory. However, the memory has somehow been distorted by the present culture. Phrases are derived from fragments of present sound memory and organized intuitively yet constructive and rough in texture.

Kultur Destruktif (2017)

Music still has a place in human's heart, but not in machine's heart. This work starts, ends, and evolves through human's intuition, that without ignoring the surrounding, is also eventually destructed by the machine.

Mata dan Senar (2015-2017)

The title literally means 'Eyes and Strings,' which represents the materials used to compose the piece; sound materials from the strings, and visual materials from the eyes. All sound from the instruments are amplified, live-processed, and diffused to a multichannel system. The audio signals are also used to trigger the video processing and spacing. The feeling of having someone watching the musicians from behind while performing makes the discourse somehow calm yet so intense. From the audience's perspective, the comfortable state of watching a performance on one direction to the stage is confronted by the sound spatialization.


Music, Female, Hipster. (2017)

This work is all about the recent nuance of my musical life. Coming as a composer, surrounded by hipsters, love drama, and art — also sometimes discreetly mistaken as technology and science. This work makes use of recordings from personal archive as well as a Signum — a device designed by Víctor Mazón Gardoqui. This 9-minute work presents an explorative and somehow distorted sonic discourse, insinuating the trend of sound performance these days — here, at least.

Mga Alon sa Batangas (2016)

A site specific sound installation intended to be presented by the beach. This is an impression from an all-night-little-talk with young composers by the beach of Batangas in the Asian Composers League 2015. This kind of talk recharges me to full.

Kmoismopnig (2011)

A work for piano and trombone with wind chimes, composed based on a painting by Issay Rodriguez in the Manila Composers Lab on June 2011. Performed by Duo Amrein in the University of Philippines Diliman.