Composer | Sound Artist

Stevie J. Sutanto - Composer | Sound Artist

Stevie J. Sutanto (b. 1992) is an Indonesian composer/sound artist, currently residing in Linz, Austria, studying Interface Culture in Kunstuniversität Linz.


Stevie J. Sutanto (b. 1992) is an Indonesian composer/sound artist whose works are mostly influenced by his surroundings, in a social context, revealing the impression and thought he encountered. His interest in other kinds of arts emerged since the last year of his study, which then gave him more expanse to express himself, in addition to sound. The outcomes include music for musicians in context of contemporary music, acousmatic music, spatial music, and experimental media performance. Stevie currently resides in Linz, Austria, studying Interface Culture in Kunstuniversität Linz. His works has been performed on several events including Manila Composers Lab, Pentas Musik UPH, Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival, Ruang Suara - Frankfurt Lab, Asian Composers League, Pekan Seni Media Bandung, Mindzapp5 experimental/noise affair, Holland Festival, Ars Electronica Festival, Shanghai New Music Week, Crossroads'17, and WeSA Audiovisual Festival.


List of works:


  • Cubicle Music for a performer working with a laptop. c. 10'
  • Kultur Destruktif for ensemble and laptop. Written for NAMES Ensemble to be performed at Crossroads'17 | International Contemporary Music Festival. 8'
  • Spirit Space for sound / light / dance performance. A collaborative work with Aesun Kim for a performance at Ars Electronica Festival 2017. 9'
  • Kultur Antarmuka for string quartet. Written for the 10th Shanghai New Music Week. 7'
  • Music, Female, Hipster. for eight-channel speakers. Developed during the CMS Residency at  Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität. 10'
  • [bukan] di Jakarta for solo piano. Commissioned by JCoM for the finalists of JCoM-Boston National Piano Competition. 3'


  • Intersonical for audio-visual performance. 8'
  • Mga Alon sa Batangas for site specific sound installation.


  • Mata dan Senar for rebab, violin, viola, cello, piano, video, and five-channel speakers. Commissioned by Ensemble Modern for Ruang Suara project. 14'
  • Menua for eight-channel speakers and laptop. 8'
  • Putaran Gendèr for piano, violin, and cello. 8'


  • Purity for four sets of amplified tableware. 8'
  • Hop-in-E for electric guitar and fixed stereo. 10'
  • Faith for video. 6'
  • Favor for amplified piano and laptop. 6'
  • Deeply for violin, baritone, guitar, piano, doublebass, and gran cassa. 3'


  • No Fear in Love for female voice and doublebass. 3'
  • Music of Limitation for violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, piano, and percussions. 20'
  • Tranquil for female voice and cello. 6'
  • Love Bears All Things for two amplified violins/violas and fixed stereo. 8'


  • The Amendment for violin, cello, flute, clarinet, and percussions. 5'
  • A Walking Dream for solo piano. 8'
  • Delicate for violin and piano. 7'


  • Opaque II for solo harp. 6'
  • Opaque for string quartet. 3'
  • Kmoismopnig for piano and trombone. Written for Duo Amrein in Manila Composers Lab. 7'


  • Zig – Zag for solo guitar. 4'
  • Élargir for two pianos. 7'



  • MA Interface Culture, Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria (2017 - present)
  • BA Music Composition, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia (2010 - 2014)